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Delhi GK Quiz|General Knowledge Question Answer & Current Affairs

delhi ImageNew Delhi is the capital city of India or is a city and a union territory of India. It is also known as the heart of the nation. Delhi is much admired for its enriched culture and heritage. The city of Delhi hosts lots of popular historical monuments and is rising with the passing of time. The huge influence of religious diversity can be seen in the city of Delhi along with the cultural impact of the Mughal, the ancient Indian and also the British. The capital city of Delhi is divided into two major parts which is known as Purani Delhi (Old Delhi) and Nayi Delhi (New Delhi). The Old Delhi part is very popular for its ancient culture as well as monuments. The state of New Delhi is jointly administered by the central government of India and the local state government of Delhi

Now in this article our team will be listed here thousand of basic general knowledge question answer or basic GK quiz and also listed the Delhi current affairs. This web page will deals with all student who live in Delhi or other parts of Indian state and looking current affairs of Delhi, Delhi GK quiz or Delhi General Knowledge question & answer.

Country India
Formation of Union Territory 1956
Area 1,484 km squire
Population 18.98 million (2012)
District 11
Official Bird House Sparrow
Official Animal Nilgai
Official Flower Alfalfa
Official Tree Flamboyant
High Court Delhi High Court
Official Website

2018 Current Affairs GK Quiz Question Answers

Question: Which state government has recently decided to launch accident victim policy?(2018)
Answer: Delhi

Question: Who has recently been appointed the Chief Secretary of Delhi?(2018)
Answer: Anshu Prakash

Question: Which state’s government launched a doorstep delivery scheme for government services?
[A] Maharashtra
[B] Madhya Pradesh
[C] Uttar Pradesh
[D] Delhi
Answer: [D] Delhi

Question: How may doorstep delivery plans have been started for the services of the Delhi Government?
[A] 10
[B] 20
[C] 30
[D] 40
Answer: [D] 40

Question:  Recently, who became Chief Justice of Delhi High Court?(2018)
[A] Rajendra Menon
[B] Geeta Mittal
[C] Dilip Babasaheb Bhosale
[D] Mr. Keshari Nath Tripathi
Answer: [A] Rajendra Menon

Frequently Asked Delhi GK Question Answer:

QN: Who is the chief minister of Delhi?
Answer: Arvind Kejriwal

QN: Who is the Lt. Governor of Delhi?
Answer: Anil Baijal

QN: What is the number of Legislative seat?
Answer: Legislative Unicameral (70 seats)

QN: Area rank of Delhi is?
Answer: 31st

QN: Formation of NCT (National Capital Territory)
Answer: 1 February 1992

QN: Capital of Delhi is?
Answer: New Delhi

QN: Who founded Delhi?
Answer: Aanang Pal Tomer

Delhi General Knowledge Question and Answer:

QN: What was the old name of Delhi?
Answer: Indraprastha

QN: What is the name of hill in Delhi where Rastrapati Bhawan is situated?
Answer: Raisina Hill

QN: How many rooms are available in Rashtrapti Bhawan?
Answer: 350 Rooms

QN: Delhi University was established in which year?
Answer: In 1922

QN: Jawaharlal Nehru University was established in which year?
Answer: In 1969

QN: What is the name of Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi in Delhi?
Answer:  Rajghat

QN: Where is the Indian Foreign Trade Institute located?
Answer:  New Delhi

QN: Delhi is situated in Bank of Which River
Answer: Yamuna

Delhi GK Quiz in Hindi & Current Affairs 2018

QN: What kind of legislature is in Delhi?
Answer: Biennial(द्विसदनी)

QN: Name of the first emperor of Delhi
Answer: Qutbuddin Aibak

QN: Quwwat Al Islam Mosque is situated in which city
Answer: Delhi

QN: Who build the red fort of Delhi?
Answer: Shah Jahan

QN: What is the Length of Qutub Minar?
Answer: 72.5 Meter

QN: The construction of Qutub Minar was started by whom
Answer: Qitub-ud-Din Aibak

QN: Who completed the construction of Qutub Minar?
Answer: iltutmis

QN: Who construct and Design the Lotus Temple?
Answer: Iranian architect Fariborz Sahba

QN: When Lotus Temple was opened for public?
Answer: December 1986

QN: How many petals are there in Lotus Temple?
Answer: 27 free-Standing marble-clad petals

QN: Who made Tughlaqabad Fort
Answer: Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq

QN: Akshardham Temple was built by
Answer: Pramukh Swami Maharaj

QN: Where is Amar Jawan Joti situated
Answer: India Gate

QN: Total Height of India Gate is
Answer: 42 Meter

QN: When was the secretariat building in Delhi ready?
Answer: In the year 1930

QN: When was the capital of India transferred from Calcutta to Delhi?
Answer:  In the year 1911

QN: What percentage of the total area of ​​the country comes to Delhi?
Answer: 0.05 percent

QN: The biggest news agency, Press Trust of India Ltd. When was the establishment of PTI?
Answer: On August 27, 1947

QN: The Kalakaji Temple in Delhi is located?
Answer: South of Nehru Place

QN: When did the newspaper “The Hindustan Times” start?
Answer: 1924 AD

QN: When did Akashwani Bhavan first telecast of Doordarshan from Delhi?
Answer: September 15, 1959

QN: When there was a constant demand of full state legislature cabinet in Delhi, when “government commissions” were formed?
Answer: December 24, 1987

QN: What was the first English newspaper in Delhi?
Answer: Dalehi Mail

QN: Where is “Bhool Bhulaiya” located in Delhi?
Answer: On the Qutub-Mahrauli road

QN: When the Red Fort in Delhi was declared World Heritage by UNESCO?
Answer: June 28, 2007

QN: Was the first city of Delhi?
Answer: Rai Pithora

QN: Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s monument is called?
Answer: Veer Bhoomi

QN: In 1912, who was appointed chief architect in Delhi?
Answer: Edwin Lutyens

QN: Where were the first railway stations in India established?
Answer: Delhi

QN: Former Deputy Prime Minister of India is Babu Jagjivan Ram’s place of worship?
Answer: parity ground

QN: Where’s the tomb of Gaiusuddin located?
Answer: Delhi

QN: Who designed the secretariat of Delhi?
Answer: Herbert Baker

QN: Which person’s tombs are called Kisan Ghat?
Answer: Chaudhary Charan Singh

QN: By what name is the tomb of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India?
Answer: Shantivan

QN: Where is Asia’s most important library situated in Delhi?
Answer: In Parliament House

QN: Vijay Ghat memorial in Delhi?
Answer: Lal Bahadur Shastri

QN: In which Indian city is the National Samadhi located?
Answer: Delhi

QN: Lok Sabha member has been elected from the North-East Delhi constituency in 2014?
Answer: Manoj Tiwari

QN: How long did it take to build the Red Fort in Delhi?
Answer: 9 years 3 months

QN: Where is the dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya located?
Answer: In Delhi

QN: When the State of Delhi was given the Legislative Assembly and the Council of Ministers for the assistance and advice of the Chief Commissioner under the laws of the states (Part-C)?
Answer: In 1952

QN: When was the first general election of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi?
Answer: 1958

QN: Was the first resident and Chief Commissioner of Delhi?
Answer: Sir David Achternelli

QN: Which dynasty’s rule started at the end of the Khilji dynasty in Delhi?
Answer: Tughlaq Dynasty

QN: Yamuna River enters the village of which of these states?
Answer: Pala village

QN: When the reorganization commission of the states was established in Delhi?
Answer: December, 1953

QN: When was the whole New Delhi built(Developed)?
Answer: 1931 AD

QN: In 1857, Hindus and Muslims raised freedom of expression against British, who was the King of Delhi at that time?
Answer: Bahadur Shah Jafar

QN: What is Rajghat ,located on Yamuna river in Delhi?
Answer: The site of Mahatma Gandhi’s funeral

QN: In 1912 AD, who was responsible for the fitting of the Indian capital Delhi?
Answer: Edwin Lutyens

QN: When was the metropolitan council formed in Delhi?
Answer: 1966

QN: When was the establishment of the Fisheries Department in Delhi?
Answer: 1947

QN: Where is the “St. Stephen’s Church” located in Delhi?
Answer: Fatehpuri Chandni Chowk

QN: To protect the forests, who had inaugurated “Tree Ambulance” in Delhi?
Answer: Sheila Dikshit

QN: Which road is called the ring road in Delhi?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi Marg

QN: What is the number of pillars in the verandah of the Parliament House located in Delhi?
Answer: 144

QN: Who designed the building Indian Parliament (Sansad Bhawan)?
Answer: Lutyens and Baker

Delhi History General Knowledge Question Answer: GK Quiz

QN: How long till the rule of the Lodi dynasty in Delhi?
Answer: 1451 AD to 1526 AD

QN: In whose reign did Muhammad Ghori invade Delhi?
Answer: During the reign of Prithviraj Chauhan

QN: Who had put Shah Jahan in prison in 1658 AD? And sat on the throne itself?
Answer: Aurangzeb

QN: The madrasa-i-muji was established by the ruler of Delhi for education?
Answer: Altamas

QN: Which ruler of Delhi had assumed the title of “Alamgir” while sitting on the throne?
Answer: Aurangzeb

QN: Who was the last ruler of the Ghulam dynasty in Delhi?
Answer: Kakuvad

QN: After the death of Muhammad Ghori in 1206 AD, which ruler declared himself the first sultan of Delhi?
Answer: Qutubuddin Aibek

QN: After Babur’s death, who was sitting on the throne of Delhi?
Answer: Humayun

QN: Who sat on the throne of Delhi after the death of Allauddin Khilji?
Answer: Nasiruddin

QN: When did Iltutmish, the ruler of the slave dynasty die in Delhi?
Answer: 1235 AD

QN: The ruler of which slave dynasty adopted “blood and sword” (strict policy) to strengthen the Delhi Sultanate?
Answer: Balban

QN: Which ruler of Delhi, together with Lalkot and Siri, built the city Japnah?
Answer: Muhammad Tughlaq

QN: Atga Khan was the Minister of Justice during the reign of which Mughal ruler of Delhi?
Answer: Akbar

QN: Which Mughal ruler allowed Christians to preach religion in India?
Answer: Akbar

QN: The tomb of Ataga Khan in Delhi is located in the Nizamuddin area, whose tomb was built during the rule of which?
Answer: Akbar

QN: Which Mughal ruler ended the Jijiya-tax?
Answer: Akbar

QN: When did the death of the first slave ruler of Delhi, Qutbuddin Aibak, occurred?
Answer: 1210 AD

QN: When did Timur Lang attack Delhi?
Answer: 1398 AD

QN: Mughal ruler Babur had power over Delhi?
Answer: 1526 AD

QN: Who built the Moti Masjid inside the Red Fort?
Answer: Aurangzeb

QN: Birla temple was built in Delhi in 1938?
Answer: King Baldev Das

QN: After the death of which Mughal ruler’s death did the Mughal Empire begin to fall?
Answer: Aurangzeb

QN: After the death of the ruler of Delhi, Qutbuddin Aibak, who sat on the throne?
Answer: Comfortable

QN: In 1235 AD, who made the tomb of Shamsuddin Altamas in Delhi?
Answer: Razia Sultan

QN: Who was the founder of the Khilji dynasty?
Answer: Jalaluddin Khilji

QN: When was the Digambar Jain temple constructed in Delhi?
Answer: 1526 AD

QN: Who built the Shermandul in Delhi’s old fort?
Answer: Sher Shah Suri

QN: Who built the ancient “Lalkot” Fort in Delhi?
Answer: Anangpal

QN: The tomb of Sultan Gadhi in Delhi is the oldest tomb of India. Who made this tomb?
Answer: Altamas

QN: When did Maham Anga build a madrasa in the west of Delhi’s old fort?
Answer: 1561 AD

QN: Who built the city “Din Panah” on the ruins of Indraprastha in Delhi?
Answer: Humayun

QN: Which ruler of Delhi was built by “GT Road” (Peshawar from Kolkata)?
Answer: Sher Shah Suri

QN: When did King Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur make Jantar-Mantar in Delhi?
Answer: 1724 AD

QN: Which ruler of Delhi built the “Alai Darwaza”?
Answer: By Alauddin Khilji

QN: Which ruler of Delhi had started the work of Alai Minar? In the midst of the death of the ruler, the tower remained incomplete.
Answer: Alauddin Khilji

QN: Delhi’s first woman ruler Razia Sultan was the Daughter of?
Answer: Altamash Ki

QN: Who duly settled Delhi?
Answer: Tomar Rajputs

QN: Which great ruler of Delhi was also called “Rai Pithora”?
Answer: Prithviraj Chauhan

QN: In 1526 AD, defeating the ruler of Delhi, Ibrahim Lodi, defeated Delhi and Agra?
Answer: Babar

QN: Who was the last Mughal emperor to sit on Delhi’s throne?
Answer: Bahadur Shah Jafar

QN: Which ruler of Delhi is called “Lakh Bakhsh”?
Answer: Qutubuddin Aibak

QN: Who married to Razia Sultan, the female ruler of Delhi?
Answer: Ruler named Yakut

QN: After the death of Mahmud Tughluq, which representative of Timur took over Delhi?
Answer: Khizr Khan Syed

QN: How long has the rule of Tughlaq dynasty been in Delhi?
Answer: From 1320 AD to 1412 AD

QN: Delhi is considered to be the rule of the slave dynasty?
Answer: From 1206 E to 1290 AD

QN: When was Alauddin Khilji’s rule in Delhi?
Answer: From 1296 E to 1316 AD

QN: Delhi is named after the name of King Dillu. King Dillu was the ruler of which dynasty?
Answer: Sun Dynasty

QN: In which period did the important center of Delhi Islamic Education?
Answer: In the Middle Ages

QN: In 1615 AD, Sir Ambassador James I of England, “Sir Tomas Row” came to India during the reign of whom?
Answer: Jahangir

QN: Who was the last ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty in Delhi?
Answer: Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah

QN: Which ruler of Delhi has a poem titled “दो गज जमीं भीं न मिली कूचे-ऐ-यार में”?
Answer: Bahadur Shah Jafar

QN: Muhammad Ghori, who defeated Prithviraj Chauhan, appointed his slave to be the ruler of Delhi?
Answer: Qutubuddin Aibak

QN: In what year did Balban, the ruler of the Ghulam dynasty, die in Delhi?
Answer: 1286 AD

QN: When did the Delhi ruler Firuz Tughluq die?
Answer: 1388 in

QN: Syed dynasty ruled in Delhi?
Answer: From 1414 AD to 1450 AD

QN: Which ruler of Delhi settled the city of “Tughlaqabad”?
Answer: Geassudin Tughlaq

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