Environment ,Ecology,Biodiversity GK Quiz Question Answer

Environment, Ecology, Biodiversity, General Knowledge Question Answers GK Quiz

Question: “Color Environment and Health” is a major method of environmental education based on which is based.
[A]On exhibition
[B]On the lecture wreath
[C]On the book
[D]On tale film
Answer: [A] On exhibition

Question: Who was the exponent of environmental determinism?
[A]Carl Reiter
[B]Griffith Taylor
[D]None of these
Answer: [A] Carl Reiter

Question: Which is the best source of power generation from the perspective of sustainable development in India?
[B]Mineral oil and gas
[C]Hydro electricity
[D]nuclear energy
Answer: [C] Hydro electricity

Question: Environmental education given by Doordarshan, Radios, Drama, Poet seminars and cinema is called.
[A]Formal Environmental Education
[B]Unofficial environmental education
[C]Curriculum Education
[D]School Education
Answer: [B] Unofficial environmental education

Question: The interconnection between ecological organisms and their environment. This statement is from which Indian scholar.
[A] P. D. Sharma
[B] Savindra Singh
[C] Upendranath Ram
[D] R. Mishra
Answer: [A] P. D. Sharma

GK Question on Environment with Answers General Knowledge

Question: The science of interaction between ecology.
Reply: [D] All

Question: The entire sum of the effective conditions in which the organism lives.
Answer: [C] Environment

Question: Who will you include in the components of the environment.
[D] All of the above
Answer: [D] All of the above

Question- Which of the following factors is involved in the major factors of the environment?
[B]Geographical location
[D] All of the above
Answer – [D] All of the above.

Question- How many types of environment are involved in geographic studies.
Answer – [B] Two

Question: The branch of science that shows the relation between the plant and the atmosphere of the living beings.
Answer: [C] Ecological

Question: The ecological pyramid is usually of a variety of types.
[A] 2
[B] 3
[C] 4
[D] 5
Answer: [B] 3

Question: The last permanent ecosystem.
Answer: [D] Sea

Question: What is the minimum land required to make the life of a person completely fit?
[B]Ecological print
[D] All of the above
Answer: [B] Ecological print

Question: An example of ecosystem.
Answer: [D] Soil

Ecology General Knowledge Question Answers GK Quiz

Question: Which is not a biological factor?
[A]Tree plants
[C]Micro organisms
Answer: [A] Tree plants

Question: Which of the following increases rapidly in the lake or lake?
[A]Water heater
Answer: [C] Hydroxy

Question: In a geographical area, all ecosystems together take together a larger unit, they call it.
Answer: [A] Biosphere

Question: Which of the following works as light sensitivity during photosynthesis?
Answer: [A]Chlorophyll

Question: One of the following is not an example of a species (Lotti) ecosystem.
[C]the river
[D]Lagoon (sea)
Answer: [A]Ponds

Question: Which of the following shows one-dimensional flow in the ecosystem?
[D]Biomass (biomass)
Answer: [B] Energy

Question: The highest nutrition level is achieved in the ecosystem.
[A]To the vegetarian
[B]To the carnivorous
[C]The decomposition
Answer – [D] Omnipresent

Question: Which of the following is a basic element located in the green pigment of the leaf?
[A] Magnesium
[D] All of the above
Answer: [B]Phosphorus

Question: The process by which the plants make their food, is called.
[A] Carbohydrolysis
[B]Metabolic synthase
[D] All of the above
Answer: [C] Light-synthesis

Question: Which of the following gas absorption occurs during the process of photosynthesis?
[D]Water vapor
Answer: [B] CO2

Question: What is the enormous ecosystem of a geographical area?
[B]Regional area
Answer: [A]Biosphere

Question: Which of the following is the most stable ecosystem (ecosystem)?
Answer: [B] Sea

Biodiversity GK Quiz General Knowledge Question Answers

Question: Global awareness started in the world.
[A]William Hewett
[D]None of these
Answer: [A]William Hewett

Question: The biological factor of the environment.
[B] Flora
Answer: [B] Flora

Question: There is a right to the environment.
[C]of animals
[D]None of these
Answer: [B]human

Question: Joins the environment.
[A]Water Circle
[B]Wind Circle
[C]Cable Circle
[D]All of the above
Answer: [D] All of the above

Question: The element of the environment.
Answer: [D]All

Question: The nature of environmental studies.
[A]Single disciplinary
[D]None of these
Answer: [B] Multi-disciplinary

Question: The development of the natural system is called.
[A]The function of the mechanism
[B]Dynamics of the system
[C]Self-propelled system
[D] All of the above
Answer: [C] Self-propelled system

Question: Which is not the functional unit of the ecosystem?
[D]Energy flow
Answer: [B]stratification

Question: The United Nations has declared the year whose international year 2002.
[A]of continuous development
[B]Cleanliness year
[C] Forest conservation year
[D]Soil Conservation Year
Answer: [A]of continuous development

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