Europe Continent General Knowledge GK Quiz

Europe Continent GK Quiz General Knowledge Question-Answer Geography GK Quiz

As we all know that there are seven continents in the world, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. There are lots of geographical and physical differences between the continents,

Dear reader in this web post we are updating the general knowledge quiz GK Quiz related one of the continent Europe. GK Quiz about Europe Continent| Europe Continent GK Quiz| Europe Continent General Knowledge Question & Answer|

Europe Geography GK Quiz

Question: What is the total geographical area of Europe?
[A] 20,130,050 Km2
[B] 10,180,000 Km2
[C] 1,230,000 Km2
[D] 10,120,596 Km2
Answer: [B] 10,180,000 Km2

Question: What is the total population density of Europe?
[A] 72.9/km2
[B] 12.3/km2
[C] 18.99/km2
[D] 100/km2
Answer: [A] 72.9/km2

Question: How many States are there in Europe?
[A] 54
[B] 51
[C] 78
Answer: [B] 51

Question: How many countries are there in the continent of Europe?
Answer: 46

Question: Why Europe is called the continent of the peninsula?
Answer: Most of the countries are surrounded by seas from three sides

Question: Which islands are located in the north-west of Europe?
Answer: British Isles

Question: United Kingdom is made up of which country?
Answer: Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Question: Which country is known as the southern part of the islands ?
Answer: Irish Republic

Question: What is the name of the capital of Irish Republic?
Answer: Dublin

Question: Which is the highest peak in Europe?
Answer: Elburn (Russia)

Question: The only country in the world which is located in the Europe-Asia conventions?
Answer: Russia

Question: Which is the most important river in Europe?
Answer: Danube

Question: Which is the largest city in Europe?
Answer: London

Question: Which river is situated on the banks of London?
Answer: Thames

Europe Continent General Knowledge MCQ GK Quiz

Question: Which is the longest river in Europe?
Answer: Volga River (3690 km)

Question: Where are the angled forests in Europe?
Answer: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Siberia Region

Question: Which is the world’s largest grapefruit and olive producing country?
Answer: Italy

Question: Which is the world’s largest country in terms of area?
Answer: Russia

Question: Who separates France from the United Kingdom?
Answer: English Channel

Question: Which is the Black Forest of Europe?
Answer: Prolucotta Mountains

Question: Which is the country of Honey Yard?
Answer: France

Question: Which is the country of Feydard shores?
Answer: Norway

Question: Which water stream is known by warm hot blanket in Europe?
Answer: Gulf Stream Flow

Question: Where is the most expanses of Alpas mountain found?
Answer: Switzerland

Question: Who is the Ganga of Italy?
Answer: Po River

Question: Is the world’s largest diamond trade center?
Answer: Antwerp (Belgium)

Question: The brainer pass provide between?
Answer: Italy and Austria

Question: St. Bernard Pass provide between?
Answer: Italy and Switzerland

Question: Which continent is the desert in the world?
Answer: Europe

Question: Saint George’s channel is present between?
Answer: Ireland and Great Britain

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