Grade 1 English Quiz Questions Answers Worksheets

Grade 1 English Quiz Worksheets for Kids, Students

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Question1: Read & Write the word of vowel ‘o’

Question 2: Read and write the rhyming words?

Question 3: Name the picture

Question 4: Learn and write the word of vowel ‘u’

Question 5: Read and write the changing word

Question 6: Fill a/an in the blanks

Question 7: Use of a/an

Question 8:  Write five line about yourself

Question 9: Read and write the opposite word of given word

Question 10: Use of in/on/under

Question 11: Learn and write days in a week

Question 12: Learn and write months in a year

Question 13: Learn and write the color name

Question 14: Use of this and that

Question 15: Use of is/are/ am

Question 16: Change the gender

English MCQ For Class 1| Grade 1 English Quiz Questions with Answers

Question 17: write the name of our body parts

Question 18: Name of the five sense organs

Question 19: Write the functions of sense organs

Question 20: Make sentences from the one word


Answer Sheet

1:  Word of vowel ‘O’ : Hop, Top, Cop, Mop, Pop, Shop, Ox, Box, Fox, Pox, , Lot, Got, Dot, Cot, Hot, Dog, Toy, Cock, Lock, Boy, Job, God

2:  Rhyming Word:  

Top Mop Cop
Log Dog Fog
Fox Box Pox
Hot Lot Pot
Rock Lock Cock
Toy Boy Joy


3: Name The Picture:  In this kids have to identify the picture that could be of vegetable, fruits, animals, pots, electronic etc

4: words of vowel ‘u’: Sun, Fun, Gun, Nun, Run, Mud, Cup, Pup, Cut, But, Shut, Duck, Hug, Mug, Luck etc

5: Changing Word:  

Tub Cub
Nut Hut
But Cut
Cut Put
Buck Duck


6 & 7: Use of a/an fill in the blanks

  1. A tub
  2. A Ball
  3. A Dog
  4. A Hen
  5. A Lion
  6. An owl
  7. An eye
  8. An ear
  9. An apple
  10. An Orange

8: five line about Myself

  1. My name is __________
  2. I am ______ years old
  3. I read in class_______
  4. I Study in______________ (school name)
  5. I live in__________ (city name)

9: Opposite Word

Come Go
Far Near
Hot Cold
Big Small
Up Down
Fat Thin
Tall Short
Happy Sad
Good Bad
Day Night


10: Use of in/on/under

  1. The bat is under the table
  2. The book is on the table
  3. A dog is under the table
  4. A cap is on the table
  5. Milk is in the class

11: days in a week:  Read a write

  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Thursday
  5. Friday
  6. Saturday
  7. Sunday

13: Color name: Read and write

Red Black Green Blue
Purple White Gray Orange


14: Use of this and that= This used for the thing near about us and that used for the thing far from us

 15: Use of is/are/ am

  1. Apples are red
  2. My book is new
  3. I am eating an ice cream
  4. The boys are running
  5. I am reading a book

16: Change the gender

He She
Lion Lioness
Hen Cock
Cow Ox
Man Woman
King Queen
Uncle Aunt
Boy Girl


17: our body parts

  1. Eyes
  2. Nose
  3. Hand
  4. Teeth
  5. Foot
  6. Lips

18 & 19: Name of the five sense organs with their function

  1. Eye= Helps us to see
  2. Ear = Helps us to hear
  3. Nose = Helps us to smell
  4. Tongue = Helps us to taste
  5. Skin = Helps us to feel

20: Make sentences from the one word

  1. Book – This is my Book
  2. Class – That is my class
  3. Mango – I am eating mango
  4. Toy – This is my toy
  5. Car – That is my car
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