General Knowledge GK Questions 2019-20 Quiz Answer in Hindi

Important General Knowledge Questions Answer in Hindi & GK Quiz 2019-20

GK Questions
Importance of various types General Knowledge in every student’s Life as well as every applicant who are preparing for any competitive exam. GK knowledge is very important and one of the very necessary knowledge because every student have to crack lots of the competitions & interviews and if they have good General Knowledge so it becomes very easy for them to crack any types of competitive exams and interview round. Various types of General Knowledge (GK) make every student very smarter. If a student has good general knowledge can be easily counted out of the crowd in public. General Knowledge helps the students work in the multicultural workforce in near future.

Monthly GK Questions Answers 2019

Our GK Questions 2018 Updates on the basis of different subjects like Politics, Arts & Culture, Summits & Conference, New Schemes, Appointments for popular and important post, Important Days in every month and so many other subjects related questions answers. These GK Questions Answers 2018 are very important for various upcoming entrance exams and as well for increasing your GK knowledge in different fields.

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Important Topic for General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2019

In this particular section, we try to mention some of the most important GK Questions for various competitive exams. We sure, you can get at few GK Questions from this particular general knowledge section. In this Basic GK Questions Answers section contain the comprehends notable topics such as science, geography, history and culture etc.

In deeply understanding about the different topics covered under the topic of General Knowledge (GK). General Knowledge is one of the compulsory topics for all candidates who are aspiring to appear for different competitive examinations like SSC exams, Bank Clerk & PO exams, Railway Recruitment exams, etc as the same is asked in almost each and every government recruitment examination. General Knowledge (GK) 2018 offers the complete study of all the various topics that are mentioned under the topic of GK (General Knowledge). The GK 2017 sections have been divided into few major parts such as General Knowledge of Indian History,  GK of Indian Geography, Indian Polity GK, Indian Economy General Knowledge, GK of General Science, Sports General Knowledge and so many more.

Indian History Basic General Knowledge
Famous Personalities General Science
Physics Indian Politics
Indian Economy World Geography
Inventions Chemistry
Biology Indian Geography
Famous Places in India & World Honors and Awards
Books and Authors Technology
Sports GK Indian Culture
Days and Years World Organizations

General Knowledge Question Answer According to 1 to 12 Classes 

General Knowledge or GK is a most effective part of student’s life as if any student doesn’t know what is going around him when he assumed to be a stupid or dull student. General awareness is also increasing the confidence level of the individual student. A good General Knowledge will also help to the student, to be the part of different exams and quizzes at their school and colleges level.

GK Question for Class 1 GK Question for Class 5
GK Question for Class 2 GK Question for Class 6th, 7th, 8th,
GK Question for Class 3 GK Question for Class 9th
GK Question for Class 4 GK Question for Class 10th, 11th, 12th,

The Miracle of GK Question in Hindi & General Knowledge Quiz Answer 2019

India’s All States Current Chief Ministers & Governors 2019 GK Quiz Pdf

Famous and Traditional Folk Dances of India’s All-State

List of India’s All-State & Their State Symbol

Important History Date in India General Knowledge Quiz 

Transportation System in India: GK Quiz

New List of Indian Geography Quiz 

Complete List of India’s Foreign Ministers 

Major Ports of Indian Complete List

GST General Knowledge Question & Answer Current Affairs

General Knowledge Quiz Revolution of 1857

 Mahatma Gandhi: Father of the Nation Quiz Questions Answers 

Environment Science General Knowledge Quiz 

Ram Nath Kovind 14th President of India

Our National Anthem Quiz Questions Answers 

Our National Song Quiz Questions with Answers 

Gk Questions Answer for Different Exams 2019-20

General Knowledge (GK) 2017 or General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2019-20 are very important for various types of Govt. entrance exams. Every year state government of India and central government of India releases lots of Govt jobs and every year conducts lots of entrance exams for these various types of government jobs in the various department. General Knowledge is one of the important parts of every Govt entrance exams that’s why here we collect thousand of important GK quizzes or General Knowledge questions.

SSC CHSL GK Question Answer in Hindi

SSC CGL GK Quiz in Hindi

SSC GK in Hindi Question Answer 

SSC MTS(Multi Tasking Staff) GK Quiz

SSC Stenographer Grade C & D GK Quiz

SBI PO Main General Knowledge Question 

IBPS General Knowledge Quiz in Hindi

State General Knowledge & Indian States Gk Quiz Questions 2019-20

Looking for online GK question 2019 or General Knowledge questions answers for any government jobs interview or preparation for any jobs interview, any Govt. competitive examination and entrance test. Here our team collects the all Indian state GK Question or state general knowledge fully solved answer and explanations for state History, sate current affairs, state Economy etc.

Andhra Pradesh GK Quiz Jharkhand GK Quiz Punjab GK Quiz
Arunachal Pradesh GK Quiz Karnataka General Knowledge Rajasthan GK Quiz
Assam General Knowledge Kerala GK Quiz Sikkim GK Quiz
Bihar General Knowledge Madhya Pradesh GK Quiz Tamil Nadu GK Quiz
Chhattisgarh GK Quiz Maharashtra General Knowledge Telangana GK Quiz
Goa General Knowledge Manipur General Knowledge Tripura General Knowledge
Gujarat General Knowledge Meghalaya GK Quiz Uttar Pradesh GK Quiz
Haryana General Knowledge Mizoram General Knowledge Uttarakhand GK Quiz
Himachal Pradesh GK Quiz Nagaland General Knowledge Quiz West Bengal General Knowledge
Jammu & Kashmir GK Quiz Odisha General Knowledge Quiz  Delhi General Knowledge Quiz
Importance of General Knowledge Quiz or GK Question Answer 2019-20

In the simple language, Knowledge is the diary Knowledge or you can also define General knowledge like a General knowledge is a culturally valued information about any particular subject related knowledge such as society, culture, civilization and community etc. In the present time, General Knowledge is one of the essential parts of our life special all students and all job seekers.  It is very important because all candidates have to crack lots of the entrance exams and interviews. If they have good basic general knowledge so it becomes very easy for them to crack any competitive entrance exams and interview. General knowledge helps you on the academic front and also helps to grow your confidence level may prove to be of few competitive exams. General knowledge is one of the major parts of various exams for a high post like IAS, IPS, and SSC etc.

Ways to Quickly Improve General Knowledge 2019-20

General Knowledge and current affairs both are interrelated to each other all various types of today news is converted into tomorrow General Knowledge. General Knowledge is not helpful only in the education field but it’s also in enhancing the individual personality. Every people acquiring General Knowledge can be done in different ways and our team provides the few important ways such as;

Reading: It is one of the foremost ways to increase your General Knowledge.

Socialize: Socialization is another way to gain easily Knowledge.

Make Note: Writing is one of an effective way to increase your General Knowledge

Media: In the present time media is one of the most important ways to get various types of updated information and increase your General Knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions on General Knowledge 

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  2.  What is the general knowledge?
  3. What is the general information?
  4. What is considered general knowledge?
  5. What is the importance of knowledge?
  6. Why is Imagination better than knowledge?
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