January 2019 Current Affairs General Knowledge Quiz

January 2019 MCQ Current Affairs GK Quiz Question Answers

Question: What is the name of the former Defense Minister of India, who led the country’s biggest railway strike in 1974 and which has recently passed away?
[A] Sharad Pawar
[B] Jaswant Singh
[C] George Fernandes
[D] Arun Jaitley
Answer: [C] George Fernandes

Question: Which company has been declared the most valuable company of India in recent report released by London’s Consultancy firm Brand Finance?
[A] Reliance
[B] Tata group
[C] Infosys
[D] Zee Media
 Answer: [B]Tata group

Question: According to a recent report released by the World Steel Association (WSA), which place is India in terms of steel production?
[C]The third
[D]The fourth
Answer: [B]Second

Question: Which state government has recently inaugurated the construction of 11,000 new classrooms in 250 state government schools?
[A]Uttarakhand government
[B]Government of Uttar Pradesh
[C]Bihar government
[D]Government of Delhi
Answer: [D]Government of Delhi

Question: In which of the following places have the airport been declared the busiest airport in the world?
Answer: [A]Dubai

Question: In what place of the gene blaNDM-1 associated with the superbug found in India 11 years ago, the identity has been ensured?
[D]Sahara Desert
Answer: [C]Arctic

Question: What is the name of Aerospace Startup of Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person who has started the construction of his new rocket engine plant in the US?
[A]Ultra tech
[B]Sky Y
[C]Red rocks
[D]Blue origin
Answer: [D]Blue origin

Question: What is the name of former CEO of ” Starbucks ” who has recently said that he is seriously considering contesting the presidential election?
[A]Daniel Roberts
[B]Howard Schultz
[C]Jean Pierre
[D]Demi Albert
Answer: [B]Howard Schultz

Question: Speaking about which country the United Nations said, at least 890 people were killed in the region’s three-day ethnic violence? And here are more than 50 collective tombs?
Answer: [C]Congo

MCQ Current Affairs GK Quiz for competitive Exams

Question: India’s cricket team has succeeded in winning the series on home ground only after 10 years against which country’s team?
[B]Sri Lanka
[C]West Indies
[D]New zealand
Answer: [D]New zealand

Question: The Governor of Tamil Nadu, Banwar Lal Purohit, who was honored with the Jury Committee Special Award ‘MP Ratan Award’ from BJP’s Hammipur constituency in Himachal Pradesh?
[A]Anurag Thakur
[B]Harish Dwivedi
[C]Vijay Chakraborty
[D]Ram Prasad Sharma
Answer: [A]Anurag Thakur

Question: According to the release issued by the Home Ministry, Indian travelers below the age of 15 years and above 65, can now use the Aadhaar card in the form of a valid travel document during the visit of Nepal and the other country?
Answer: [C]Bhutan

Question: At the age of the oldest man Massazo Noonaka, who was announced last year by Guinness World Records, died in Japan’s Ashora?
[A]143 years
[B]113 years
[C]103 years
[D]123 years
Answer: [B]113 years

Question: According to the report of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the Kumbh Mela organized in Prayagraj is expected to earn Rs 1.2 lakh crore in Uttar Pradesh and how many lakhs of people are expected to get jobs?
[A]5 million
[B]8 lakhs
[C]One million
[D]6 million
Answer: [D]6 million

Question: Union Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced how many percent women are recruited in the Military Police?
[A]20 percent
[B]10 percent
[C]30 percent
[D]40 percent
Answer: [A]20 percent

Question: In the history of cricket, which player has made his name for the first time with three ICC Awards (Cricketer of the Year, ODI Cricketer of the Year and Test Cricketer of the Year)?
[A]The root
[B]Henry Nicholas
[C][A]B De Villiers
[D]Virat Kohli
Answer: [D]Virat Kohli

Question: Who has been named as the captain of Team of the Year-2018 announced by ICC?
[A]Ken Williamson
[B]Virat Kohli
[C]M / s. Dhoni
[D]Tom Latham
Answer: [B]Virat Kohli

Question: Which of the following endangered species of dolphins has been seen near the Bandra-Worli sea link recently?
[A]Charmwood dolphin
[B]Humpback dolphins
[C]Diving dolphins
[D]Gang[A]river dolphin
Answer: [B]Humpback dolphins

Question: In the report released by which of the following organizations it has been said that 1% of the people of India have an equal amount of 50% population?
[A]World Bank
Answer: [C]Oxfam

MCQ Current Affairs GK Quiz January 2019

Question: Which of the following companies have recently acquired 51% stake in Public Sector IDBI Bank?
[D]Tata group
Answer: [B]LIC

Question: Which country’s national bank has banned the use of Indian currency worth more than Rs. 100 in the country?
Answer: [A]Nepal

Question: France and which country have signed [A]new friendship treaty ‘Ahen’, whose purpose is to defend each other, to increase friendship between the two countries and to improve the living standards of the two countries?
[C]Sri Lanka
Answer: [D]Germany

Question: According to report by Research and Consultancy firm Wood McKenzie, which of the following countries, in the matter of crude oil demand, could be the world’s second largest oil consumer country by overtaking China in 2019?
Answer: [C]India

January 2019 Current Affairs GK Quiz

Question: Which Indian wicketkeeper-batsman has been selected as the ICC’s Emerging Player of the Year 2018?
[A] Rishabh Pant
[B] Mahendr[A]Singh Dhoni
[C] Dinesh karthik
[D] Naman Ojha
Answer: [A]Rishabh Pant

Question: According to Andhr[A]Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, how many percent of the reservation given to the financially backward classes of the general category will be given to the people of Kapus in the state?
Answer: [C]5%

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