UPSEE Syllabus

UPSEE Syllabus 2019 for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology

Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination or UPSEE 2019 is one of the top most important engineering entrance exams in Uttar Pradesh. All interested candidates keeping this in mind, thousands of students have already started preparing for the UPSEE 2019 exam. The official syllabus of UPSEE Syllabus 2019 will be provided by the exam conducting authority and every candidate easily get in the official site of UPSEE. Here we also provide some important topics of the syllabus. So all interested candidates get the quick overview of UPSEE Syllabus 2019 before appearing for the exam the detailed syllabus for all the papers is as the following:

UPSEE Syllabus 2019-Chemistry

UPSEE Syllabus 2019 for Chemistry for Paper 1
Atomic structure Periodic table
Chemical bonding Petroleum
Chemical equilibrium Thermo chemistry
Acid-base concepts General organic chemistry
Electrochemistry Isomerism
Catalysis IUPAC
Colloids Polymers
Colligative properties of solution Carbohydrates
Preparation and properties of different elements
UPSEE Syllabus 2019 for Chemistry for Paper 2
Atomic structure Thermo chemistry
Chemical bonding General organic chemistry
Redox reactions Isomerism
Acid-base concepts IUPAC
Electrochemistry Polymers
Catalysis Carbohydrates
Colloids Solid state
Colligative properties of solution Petroleum

UPSEE Syllabus 2019-Mathematics

1. Algebra:
2. Probability:
3. Trigonometry:
4. Co-ordinate Geometry:
5. Calculus:
6. Vectors:
7. Dynamics:
8. Statics:

 UPSEE Syllabus 2019-Physics

UPSEE Syllabus 2019 for Physics for Paper 1
Motion in one dimension Heat and thermodynamics
Laws of motion Wave
Motion in two dimensions Electrostatics
Work, power and energy Current electricity
Linear momentum and collisions Magnetic effect of current
Rotation of a rigid body about a fixed axis Magnetism in matter
Gravitation Electromagnetic induction
Oscillatory motion Wave optics
Mechanics of solids and fluids Modern physics
UPSEE Syllabus 2019 for Physics for Paper 2
Measurement Heat and thermodynamics
Motion in one dimension Wave
Laws of motion Electrostatics
Work, power and energy Current electricity
Linear momentum and collisions Magnetic effect of current
Gravitation Magnetism in matter
Oscillatory motion Electromagnetic induction
Mechanics of solids and fluids Wave optics
Modern physics

Biology Syllabus

UPSEE Syllabus 2019 for Botany
Transpiration and Respiration,
Cell differentiation of Plant tissue,
Seeds in angiosperm plants,
Plant Cell
UPSEE Syllabus 2019 for Zoology:
Mammalian anatomy,
Applied Biology,
Human genetics and Eugenics,
Organic Evolution and Mechanism of organic evolution,
Origin of Life,

 Download New UPSEE Syllabus 2019-20

Download the complete syllabus of UPSEE Syllabus 2019 from here.

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